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Mens S5 Fullsleeve 2015


Szokásos ár 70 080 Ft
Ár (nettó): 47 683 Ft
Ár (bruttó) (27 %):
60 557 Ft

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Orca's generation S-series speedsuit continues its evolution with the S5. While retaining many of the great features of the S4, the new S5 introduces a 5mm thick panel of neoprene from neck to mid-leg, increasing flexibility and buoyancy, making it the most buoyant entry level wetsuit on the market. Like its predecessor, the S5 promises hydrodynamics, flexibility, buoyancy and durability. 2mm Yamamoto 39-cell coated neoprene underarm and shoulder panels provide a superb range of motion. The back is made of 3mm Smooth Skin neoprene, offering buoyancy and thermal protection. Silicone-print Hydrostroke forearm catch panels increase power through the stroke, while Speed Transition calf panels make transitions faster still.